Introducing EquityXL™

Gordon Marketing’s Newest Debt Elimination Program

EquityXL™ focuses on increasing net worth for clients by eliminating debt while building an increasing asset through a dividend-paying Whole Life Insurance policy. The best part is that you just need to find the client that needs help and bring them to Gordon Marketing. We can get you set up with EquityXL™ to help your clients. EquityXL™ addresses a problem that most clients have and all of them want to eliminate – DEBT!


The EquityXL™ Equation:  Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth

  • Get in front of more prospects

  • Sell more Life Insurance than you thought possible

  • Sell larger cases than you ever have before

  • Create financial freedom for your clients

  • Build an agency downline

  • Get started with a case today!