Costa Rica 2022

March 27-31, 2022



Gordon Marketing reserves the right to change or discontinue the trip at its sole discretion and without notice. Trip is for agents in good standing and actively representing Gordon Marketing at the time of the trip. Trip is for agent and a guest over the age of 18. In no event may agents bring children under the age of 18. Agents must not have a debt with Gordon Marketing. Qualifying business is written during the prior calendar year. Medicare Supplement guaranteed issue business does not qualify for trip points. Individual and Group Medicare Supplement policies do not qualify for points in the states of MN, ND or WV. Trip is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash or any other prizes. Attendee is responsible for taxes and will receive a 1099. Should the attendee cancel after having registered, s/he will continue to receive a 1099 for the non-refundable costs incurred. Gordon Marketing requires agents attend all business meetings, guest attendance is not mandatory. Gordon Marketing offers several opportunities to travel each year, but production can not count toward more than one trip. No sharing, splitting or transferring of trip points. Gordon Marketing will pay for coach airfare to the destination from agent’s residence. Policies written on family members do not qualify for trip points.

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