No fluff. No canned, bland, boring keynotes. No “rah-rah”. Just up-to-date sessions delivered by real agency builders who know how to recruit, train, and grow agencies!


Sylvia Gordon, JD

President of Gordon Marketing

Sylvia’s insights as a licensed attorney will benefit you in your  contract negotiations, choice of entity and mitigation of potential risks you will face as you grow your agency.

Bob Lochard

Chief Marketing Officer of Gordon Marketing

With over 30 year experience in growing agencies, Bob sold his own agency to take the helm as the President of a major health insurance company. Bob bring’s the carrier’s vantage point to our class.


Game changing sessions (delivered by recruiting, contracting, and marketing pros who actually do this stuff everyday) on every topic that matters to grow your agency

Setting up a Corporation

How to chose which type of entity is best for you and how to do it without an attorney. Which vendors to use and step-by-step instructions to get you set up and recruiting.

How to License Agents

There are 3 ways to contract your agents and each has its own benefits and detriments. You might use all three.

Employment Contracts

How to chose which type of entity is best for you and how to do it without an attorney (who doesn’t understand our business model anyway!)

Legal Considerations

You will be sued and you will need to sue to enforce your contractual rights. Before this times comes, learn your best options to avoid a costly lawsuit.

Understanding Hierarchies

You can’t hit a target that you can’t see. We examine the levels, overrides and production requirements of several key carriers to help you plan your growth. There is a strategy involved and it is NOT chasing the lowest-priced, easiest to-sell plans.

How to Recruit Agents

A to Z recruiting that will help you hire agents from any market across the nation. We share the secrets that built GM, including tips on:

  • Venue: Location does matter, price doesn’t.
  • Attendance: Bigger isn’t better.
  • Subject Matter: Is not as important as enthusiasm.
  • Carrier Assistance: Often hurts more than helps.
  • Follow Up: It’s all in the follow up. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Building your Brand

No matter how much you invest in your agency, if you don’t have a culture that makes agents want to stay, you will never be able to grow.

Planning for the Lawsuit

Get sample policies and procedures to set up your office with the best possible chance of avoiding litigation with your agents, clients, uplines, and your own partners.

Succession Planning

Eventually you will want to sell and if you are not set up properly you can leave a mess for your heirs.

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Agents Have Been Calling Out for a Seminar Like This for Years but Most FMO’s are AFRAID to Build Their Competition



– Second or more attendees from the same organization are 50% off
– GM agents in good standing are 50% off
– GM partners are $100

Your Ticket to the Workshop Includes…

  • Lunch and dinners are included!
  • Expert Keynotes and case study sessions designed around specific, actionable topics for insurance agency owners
  • Sample Employments Contracts
  • Sample Policies and Procedures to tailor to your operation
  • “How to Host An Agent Recruiting Seminar”
  • Our Proprietary Recruiting Seminar Checklist
  • Social Media Tips for Insurance Professionals
  • A “Tactical Referral Guide”

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