There is no college track to become an insurance distributor. Sure, a business degree can help a bit, but it isn’t necessary.

You have sales experience and experience recruiting agents, some capital and ambitious goals. Now what?

I’ve had many people email me over the years asking where to get a FMO license (there are none).  Many agencies have said the reason they don’t want to work with a FMO is because they want to be a FMO, not realizing that the first is the best path to the second. Technically, anyone can be a FMO. The definition of FMO will vary dramatically from market to market, carrier to carrier and year to year.  Many people were able to get “FMO” contracts to sell Obamacare because with a federal mandate, subsidies and no underwriting, it was the wild west of an expected ACA windfall.  When that didn’t last, carriers began cutting down the 100+ FMO contracts to an eventual 20-25.

Meanwhile, agencies that are true MGA or SGA level operations, bristled at having to go under a FMO and not being awarded FMO contracts on life, senior and annuities.  In other words, it is complicated.  In terms of Medicare Advantage, there are roughly 25 companies that hold the top contract (FMO, NMO, NMA).  It is a small talent pool. When I look at the roster from 2005 and compare it with the roster from 2017, there are only a few new names on the list.  In other words, it is very hard to break into the top tier of distribution—so how did the 4 companies break in when hundreds tried and failed?  Trial and error is expensive and no one wants to help their future competition. Secrets are closely held and passed down through families. These FMOs are all in their second, third or fourth generation of family ownership: JSA, Copeland, Ritter, Corey, Neishloss, SMS and of course our own company, Gordon Marketing.  If you can’t marry into a family business, or don’t have the money to buy in, how can you grow your ambitions from a General Agency up the ranks to MGA, SGA to FMO?  Capital, connections, a focus portfolio that won’t dilute your efforts and a commitment to the carriers.  Sounds simple, but of course it isn’t. That’s why we are hosting an intensive class to help ambitious agents grow their agencies.  Why?  We believe that there is enough business to go around and helping agents grow their agencies is not a threat to us.  Many great agents have helped mentor us over the years and we are happy to mentor the next generation of agents.

Our 2 day Agency Builder Workshop is on February 21-23. Open to all agents, regardless of their affiliation with us or any other FMO. Register by February 1st for only $599.

The second attendee from the same organization is 50% off.

Special pricing for agents who work with Gordon Marketing, ask your marketer for details and discounts for multiple agents from the same agency. Call Dawn at 800-388-8342 x 310 for details. _______________________________________________________________________________

Operating as Benefit Plans of America and Signature Estates of Indiana, the Gordon Marketing umbrella of companies has won numerous FMO awards in the past 30+ years in Health, Senior, Life and Annuities. Check out some of our FMO awards here.