You can’t beat President Trump for making headlines and polarizing opinions on absolutely.and.topic. Which makes him 100% unsafe for a business conversation. In our field of insurance distribution, the majority of agents are conservative Republicans, but even with them, talking Trump isn’t a sure bet.

Even people who love our President are in a mood to fight when you mention his name, so why do we bring a life size cardboard image on his to our marketing events? It’s marketing, baby! We sold red hats (for charity) that read “Make Health Insurance Great Again.”

Agent lined up to buy hats and have their photos taken with Trump at the Medicare Supplement Insurance conference in Dallas last Spring.

While other FMOs had 1–2 people at their booth, we had a crowd. Some wanted to have a nice, respectful photo with the President and others wanted to do something less than respectful to share on social media with other anti-Trump friends. It all works and it is all good because we need traffic. Regardless how you feel about Trump, he was good for traffic!

The point is, controversy fills seats and when we all try to hard to steer away from controversy, we get too bland and lose our ability to attract prospects.

Agents are marketers of their own brand. Bob Jones Insurance needs prospects and air time, he needs word of mouth and people to remember him. He needs to stand out from the crowd of other insurance agents selling the same products. Maybe a card board cut out of Trump isn’t relevant for Bob Jones, but there is a reason that car dealership rent those 100 ft blow up things?—?they get attention.

Don’t think you are above the marketing tactics that work for the large corporations. We all, not matter what our size, need to market our businesses and if you don’t have ideas to get attention in your area, call us at Gordon Marketing.

We are bursting with ideas to help you!