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FREE turning 65 leads are always available from your marketer. Please request the zipcodes and dates in your email! All leads provided to you have been screened for the Federal and State Do Not Call lists.

Lead Vendors Across the Nation

We have used them all and they are all good, or they are all bad, depending on your skill level! A lead is a lead. It is NOT a sale. The sooner you work your lead, the higher your close rate–as many agents let leads get stale. Work a lead as soon as you possibly can. Invest in yourself. Be willing to commit to buying leads monthly and don’t wait until your pipeline goes dry before you place your lead order. Set a budget and order monthly to have the most success. When in doubt, ask successful agents what they order, and copy them. When you order you have a lot of discretion on the lead piece and the demographic you want to target. Branded leads have the lowest response, so most agents choose generic lead mailers.

Caution: Keep in mind that mailing DURING AEP is a sure way to blow a lot of money and increase your blood pressure. All the carriers spend millions during AEP and your prospect’s mailbox, TV and radio are blanketed by the carriers.

For AEP leads, please plan to mail in August and September at the latest. Click here to read reviews of many lead carriers.

Direct Mail:

Direct Transfer Phone Leads:

This company will not sell to lone agents, they bulk sell to call centers or agencies who buy in volume. Cost is $45-$50 per lead.

Internet Leads:

PRESS 1 Leads Explained:

The lead company uploads a call list into the system. You log in to their dashboard and turn on the calls when you want to work. The dialer will call up to 800 people at a time with a recorded message.

The consumer will Press 1 to speak to an agent and you take it from there. I’ve (Sylvia) used these leads myself and find them to be very good! The list the lead company sells us is an “Opt In” list where people have gone to sites on the internet and put in there contact info–therefore, they may still be on a state or federal Do Not Call list. Since they have voluntarily opted in by giving their phone to the internet site that compiles the lists, we are legally allowed to call them

Still, you will get some people who insist you are not allowed to call them and you have to explain how you got their phone and that you are not in violation of any laws.

AVATAR leads are not allowed in the following states: IN, MI, MO, SD, WA