What we can do for YOU!

  • Allow you to compare projected costs of funeral goods and services with no obligations.
  • Be available to guide and assist your family through a difficult process.
  • Inform your family, with your permission, regarding your preferences and desires.
  • Work with you to update your preferences if your needs, preferences, or desires change.
  • Determine the right amount of insurance coverage to fund your funeral preferences, which can be used at any funeral home your family desires or for any funeral or cemetery expenses they face.
  • Assist in obtaining life insurance coverage that can help fund your funeral preferences and:
    • Provides a death benefit that may increase over time to offset rising funeral costs.
    • Allows you to control where or to whom the policy proceeds are directed; and
    • May allow you to reduce your assets in connection with the qualification for Medicaid.
    • Keep the process as stress free and low pressure as possible.
  • Assist in planning for your funeral in the comfort of your home, or completely online.

Funeral pre-planning, including the industry-standard traditional model, helps make sure final arrangements are covered. Those arrangements, however, can and do increase, with price guarantees applying only to professional services and guaranteed funeral merchandise. Costs for items, from vaults to guest books, that are not price guaranteed are ever changing.

Working directly with a local funeral home to pre-arrange end-of-life services may lead a family into a thinking they are tied to a single funeral provider, limiting options to celebrate a life that may look entirely different than it did at the time of planning, such as when retirees move to be closer to family or when a pre-planner remarries. Legacy of Love’s services specifically offer flexibility for these considerations that traditional pre-planning does not.


Through the helpful online planning and the ability to determine policy beneficiaries, Legacy of Love’s pre-planning option allows more freedom to address personal wishes. Additionally, the resulting flexibility enables clients to take advantage of changing funeral technology or changes in the funeral services marketplace. With such flexibility and a personally selected beneficiary, arrangements can be made anywhere to address current needs.

To further support clients, Legacy of Love offers full concierge service at the time of death. The family contacts Legacy of Love rather than the funeral home, and Legacy of Love handles the details. Legacy of Love maintains a permanent record of a client’s funeral wishes, from type of service and merchandise such as casket preference to details including ceremony music, clothing, scripture, pall bearers and more. Concierge staff can assist in finding a funeral home if the family wishes. Legacy of Love will review the estimated costs to ensure offerings adhere to the funeral home’s General Price List and will then confirm there is no emotional overspending. Our staff will facilitate the payment of claims to the funeral home and ensure any excess funds are delivered to the named beneficiary.