Seniors on TikTok? 

One of the things we are proud of at Gordon Marketing is that we “walk the walk and talk the talk” meaning before we attempt to teach, we first master the skill. While this seems logical and even elementary, there are many in our industry that don’t have an insurance license! If you’ve never asked the company representatives how many polices they’ve sold—you are in for a big let down. Turns out those who are teaching us to be better agents, were never an agent themselves. As my teenager would say, “sounds sus or sketchy!”

When Tik Tok came out, my sister and partner, Rebecca challenged me to learn to Tik Tok for Medicare. Sure she was joking, since Tik Tok was a social media platform for teenagers who wanted to showcase their dance moves. But a challenge from a sister, is something that can’t be ignored! Here I am, 5 months later, with over 50 THOUSAND people following my Tik Tok.

Believe It or Not, Seniors Are on Social Media

Wait. There are seniors on Tik Tok? YES. Seniors are everywhere. And you too can find them and generate free, organic leads not only on Tik Tok, but on every social media platform that exists now or than has yet to be born yet. Seniors are more computer savvy that we give them credit. It is estimated that as of March 2021 there are over 7 million people on Tik Tok that are age 50 or over. Tik Tok is the fastest growing social media app. But there will be many more coming, and you can jump in at anytime.

It is never too late. Sure, you are not going to be there when there was little competition, but Five Guys entered a saturated hamburger market and found it’s own success when others told them it was too late to grab of piece of the burger business. It is never too late!

Now is The Time to Start

Download the free Tik Tok app on your Iphone. Hit the search button and put in @Medicare Mama till you find me. I put out 1 video each day and this is a great way for you or your new staff members to learn about Medicare and Social Security in a fun way. The videos are currently only 1 minute long (but will be enlarged to 3 minutes in the future.) You have 1 minute to learn valuable info and so does thousands of other prospects. Social Media is powerful because it is both fun and educational. Like a little sugar makes your medicine go down better, the entertainment part means that you don’t have to have great production value or master editing techniques. Just hit film and post.

Of course, I’ve oversimplified it, but it really is almost that easy. And if you want to get better, just search Youtube, Google or Tik Tok itself for video tutorials on how to improve your content. Being an active agent helps, but you already are an agent and have a cell phone in your pocket. All you need now is to just jump in and start consuming social media. See what attracts you and copy it.


Sylvia Gordon and her sister, Rebecca, run Gordon Marketing, one of the nation’s largest Medicare FMO/NMA offices. They have a team of over 100 that train and support independent insurance agents in all 50 states. You can find Sylvia’s weekly posts on LinkedIn and the sisters' Youtube channel posts 2 training videos each week. Contact Sylvia at or 800-388-8342.


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