Liberty Benefits

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  1. Non Formulary Drugs such as female hormones, Viagra and sleeping pills that are not covered by PDP plans
  2. Help your clients with expensive Tier 3 & 4 drugs and extend their PDP coverage
  3. Help in the PDP “donut hole”
  4. Perfect for those under age 65 with Obamacare

Clients must have a valid prescription (narcotics cannot be shipped by mail).

NEW- save hundreds of dollars on INSULIN!

Agents makes $4.50 per month
and level renewals as long as
the client pays the premium!

Plus the agent earns the $21 application fee

Walk in and use at 98% of US pharmacies and drug stores

Includes 100% of all FDA approved drugs, even those your insurance plan may not cover

International mail order is LEGAL and results in huge savings when you purchase from the country where the drugs are manufactured. Most people are unaware their Rx are made in other countries!

This is NOT a discount card, it is a reduced fee-for-service program with pre negotiated pricing.

This is not insurance. You do not need a license to sell this. You can sell it in any state where you have clients.