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4th Quarter Broker Bonus

  • Apps must be signed between Sept. 25th and January 31, 2018

  • MINIMUM OF FIVE issued policies PER MONTH to qualify

  • Payouts on Plan F, G and N only

  • Pays $200 cash per ISSUED policy for underwritten business (includes internal and affiliate conversions – Only when the original writing agent submits the application)

  • Pays $50 per ISSUED policy for OPen Enrollment business (excludes internal and affiliate conversions)

  • EXCLUDES all GI and under age 65 (DI) business

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Does Your Client Qualify for the Houshold Discount?

Most clients qualify >>

Check out this chart to see if your client can get a steep discount from 7 – 12 % depending on the state.  For example, IN is 12 %, OH 7% and no discount in FL & NY.
How to qualify for the Household Discount?
In most states the individuals applying for coverage must be married or domestic partner or resided together for the past 12 months with someone who is age 60 or older. The other person doesn’t have to have a Med Supp with Mutual or any other carrier. If the other person is the applicant’s spouse or domestic partner, the one-year residency and age requirements are waived.
Minnesota didn’t approved the HH discount.
Do you know how to quote the HH Discount using our quote engine?
On the left tool bar, click on discounts and it will recalculate the plans in your zipcode with the discounted price. You still have to see if your client qualifies because the amount of the discount varies by carrier and the qualifications vary too.
Mutual of Omaha has raised commissions in most states and instituted a bonus program for agents who write underwritten business.
Why the focus on Underwritten Business?
This protects the bloc of business by bringing in healthy clients which will result in lower rate increases. Every company wants to compete for the Turning 65 business with low, low rates but you have seen what happens with those rates as the block of business ages. No agents wants to lose clients due to higher than average rate increases!

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Great time-saving option >>

You want to try to get your client a Plan G but are not  sure if she will pass underwriting. Just make a note on the application that is she fails, to put her through guaranteed issue for a Plan F.
This saves you having to get a new app!
Remember, MAPD plan exits are 50% commission cut if your client can’t pass underwriring–so always at least try!