Why Choose Gordon Marketing as your Mortgage
Protection Program Partner?

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At Gordon Marketing our Mortgage Protection Program gives agents the confidence they need to sit down with clients knowing they can offer protection that accommodates each client’s needs and budget!

We provide access to:

  • Great training and mentoring opportunities
  • Qualified new homeowners leads in your area as low as $4 each!
  • Great compensation
  • Top rated and competitive carriers
  • Company sponsored trips and incentives

Training – Our web based training is second to none! Learn how to approach prospect by phone, address appointment an closing objections, point-of-sale process, how to place business and how to generate a constant flow of referrals. We also provide downloadable scripts, sales aids, and tools to cross sell annuities and other products!

Leads – Order leads based on your own budget. We have the best leads in the business and at a more competitive price! You don’t have to worry about old, used, over-sold leads from subcontractors who can’t support you.

Our excellent leads come with a specialized support team to assist you along the way

Feet in the Ocean
Our program offers agents increasing commission levels, bonuses and overrides for building a downline, as well as, the ability to qualify for our annual convention (all-inclusive locations in the Caribbean)!

Trips & Incentives – With Gordon Marketing were always sponsoring sales contests to make selling fun and trips for you and your guest to amazing locations Caribbean locations like Jamaica, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Cancun and many more!

JOIN THE TEAM! – Learn how we can help take your
business to the next level.


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