The Dual-Special Needs Plan (DSNP) market…what the heck is the big deal? Every time I open a new email it’s about this market.  Who the heck wants to surround themselves with a target audience that consists of Medicare and Medicaid????

Before any of you readers send me a nasty email, how many of you have said this before? Chances are most of you have.  This demographic has the stigma of having a very loose clientele: no loyalty at all.  These folks can change plans often, they will talk to any agent who will come see them, they are needy, etc.

You are right! This segment of the population is different than the normal Medicare Advantage market.  In fact, it really fascinates me because it is one I have known the least about.  The bottom line is this: where you see any type of MA expansion you will see this targeting.

In fact, while attending the UHC rollout meeting last week the majority of their expansion is all DSNP counties.  While talking to Anthem, they ask first and foremost about my involvement with this population.  Every carrier wants this market.  Why?  This is the most underserved segment of the senior population.  This is where the sales opportunities will lie.  There are roughly 10 million eligible with only 1.8 enrolled in a plan.



1.  You will NOT become a Medicaid expert (thank God).  Each state will determine what levels of Medicaid they will accept as a full dual.

2.  You can enroll your clients into LIS or extra help with the prescriptions through

3.  All Dual plans are $0 so the real sizzle is in the extra benefits: Podiatry, Meals, Pest control, money for air conditioning, transportation, companion benefits, hearing, vision, dental, and so on.  These plans have a huge impact on the lives of these clients.  There is more course-retention, avoiding complaints, and of course referrals.

If you are in the area on Friday, August 17 come to our AEP meeting where will have testimonials from DSNP clients and how these plans have changed their lives.  Otherwise, give us a shout at 800-388-8342.  You have time to get into this market right now.

My first recommendation is to purchase mailers targeting a certain income level.  On average, you will see a 3% response per 1,000 mailers or 30 cards of people to talk to.  This will get your pipeline started.  Another step is to get involved in your local community through food pantries, good Samaritan networks, and churches.  I am floored at the amount of help communities offer to these clients through a variety of programs. DSNP is exploding—the timing couldn’t be better.  Call us today for simple steps to get into this lucrative market!

Good selling folks-make your own good luck.

Rebecca Gordon