The Medicare Part B base premium will rise in 2021— what does this mean for you?

In most cases the Medicare recipient will pay the new premium. It is $3.90 higher than last year’s base. The increase will be offset by the increase in benefit amount.

A small portion of people will be eligible for the “hold harmless provision” which protects them from seeing a decrease in Social Security benefit payment because of the increase in the Medicare Part B premium.  If the amount of one’s cost-of-living adjustment isn’t large enough to cover the increase, then their Social Security benefits could be eligible. To qualify, their Medicare Part B premiums for December and January must be subtracted from their monthly benefits. Additionally, they must receive Social Security or be entitled to Social Security benefits at least during November and December of the current year.

If they are a first time Part B enrollee in 2021, or if their premium is already subject to income-related monthly adjustments, the hold harmless provision will not be available to them. Individuals that are dually eligible for Medicaid and has an agency paying their premiums, are also ineligible.

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