AHIP opened today for 2019, but before you rush to their website to start testing, you need to know a few facts:

  • If you only sell UHC products (AARP branded Medicare Supplement / Part D and the UHC MAPD and affiliate plans) you do not need AHIP.
  • If you do need AHIP for other carriers, complete AHIP before going into UHC’s portal.  UHC will credit you so that you don’t have to complete all their modules.
  • If you are a new agent, completing the 2019 test will also count towards the remainder of 2018!  The same goes for carrier certification that you complete now.  You’ll be good to go for the next year and a half.
  • AHIP costs $175 but you can get $50 off if –and only if–you enter the AHIP portal THROUGH a carrier site.  In other words, do not go to AHIP’s site to take the exam.
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna/Coventry will give you $50 off the fee.
  • Anthem, Aetna and Caremore will ALSO reimburse the $125 fee after you have sold a certain number of applications (which have not been announced yet, but for refernce Anthem only required 15 in 2017 and Aetna required 25 (MAPD only, not Medicare Supplements or PDPs).
  • Gordon Marketing sweetens the deal by reimbursing street levels agents direct to us the full AHIP fee paid for selling only 5 MAPD plans with one carrier during AEP.
  • If you have an upline GA, MGA, SGA or FMO ask them to match this offer!

AHIP is an open book test. You can print out the modules and use your notes on your exam.

  • You need a 90% score to pass but IT IS AN OPEN BOOK TEST!
  • It can take you a longggggg time. People always ask us to be specific and our stock response is if you are someone who gets test anxiety, this will take 3-4 hours and you will most likely fail the first attempt. Not to be a downer, but that is our experience. Someone who is familiar with the material still may struggle to pass because they are taking the exam at work and being interrupted often.
  • The best advice is to go to a quiet location, put your phone on do not disturb and sip on a glass of wine.

How many times can I take the AHIP exam?

Three.  But if you fail the third time,you must purchase another set of three exams.  The catch here is important: many of the insurance companies will not accept three failures and will bar you from selling their plans for a year.  Just because AHIP will allow you to keep paying to take their exam, doesn’t mean it’s of any value.

When can I take the carrier certifications?

They each start on different dates.  Here is what we know so far. UHC leads the pack by opening exams on June 25th.  Next open is Anthem on June 27th and Humana on July 10th. Aetna opens on July 11th.

What happens if I skip AHIP this year?

If you are not actively selling Medicare Advantage or Part D plans, you still need to pass AHIP annually (as well as the carrier certifications) in order to be eligible to receive your renewal commissions.  Many agents lose their renewals on a carrier or two each year because they get testing fatigue and just can’t stand to complete all the testing.  If you are not willing to earn your own renewals, sell them!  Most companies now have a formal procedure for agents to sell their book of renewals.  You must do this before January 1st.  If you are not certified for the new year by the 1st, your renewals are gone and there is no way to get them back.

Contact us at 800-388-8342 if you are not going to be able to certify for 2019 and let us help you form a plan to save your renewal income.

If you only have a few cases and you don’t feel like it is worth taking the annual certification exams, we will buy them from you or connect you with an agent in your area who will buy them from you!