Why Doesn’t Social Media Work For Insurance Agents?

Spoiler alert: Social Media does work for insurance agents, but you are doing it wrong. Since most of us consume Social Media in some form, we feel like we understand it. But I’ve found that our assumptions about it are all wrong. For example, people are trigger-happy to brag about how many friends/followers etc they have.

If you have 2,000 friends, it does not mean that everything you post gets into the newsfeed of your friends. Yes, a long time ago it did, but not anymore. You can have thousands of friends but only a fraction ever see your posts. You must have GOOD content for the platform to show it to your audience.

Here are three rules to help you improve your results.

Rule #1 The platform loves itself

Remember this cardinal rule: If you post Youtube videos on Facebook, you are trying to lure your audience (aka Facebook’s customer) off of FB and onto YT. Clearly, FB has no interest in facilitating that! This goes for all Social Media platforms. Unless they own each other (Facebook owns Instagram, for example) don’t cross post. The posts will simply die.

“But I have a great video and want to post it across all my social accounts,“ you say. That is the goal of good content, to recycle it everywhere. But, you must refer back to Rule #1. Film the video and then upload it to each platform directly from your camera, not from Youtube. Or make the platform happier yet by filming in it’s own app. LinkedIn wants you to film in LI. FB wants you to film in FB.

Don’t complain that this take more time, it does, but this is the best way to see results.

Rule #2 Make Useful Content

Stop trying to be a motivational guru, no one needs more profound Dali Lama quotes. Give something of value—and YES, every agent has info to share. If you are recruiting agents, share advice for agents. If you are trying to attract client leads, explain one of the millions of Medicare concepts people struggle with.

Medicare info isn’t copyrighted. Find someone doing a good job and spin their approach differently for your audience. Ask yourself if the post would have helped you when you were a new agent. If it is fluff, delete it. Did you win an award? Are you tempted to post a photo of you and the sales award? Don’t. No one but your family cares. Other agents don’t care. Clients don’t understand the award anyway (Top RIA of the Quarter?). Make each post force the scroller to stop and read your post. 

Rule #3 Consider Competition

Before you post, think about the busy news feed your post is up against. If Osama Bin Laden was killed today, your post has too much competition. Consider the news cycle, the season, the weather etc. before you use a powerful post at an inopportune time.

If you want to get leads on Social Media, check out my results. I’m MedicareMama on Tik Tok. Follow me on LinkedIn or watch our training videos on YouTube.


Sylvia Gordon and her sister, Rebecca, run Gordon Marketing, one of the nation’s largest Medicare FMO/NMA offices. They have a team of over 100 that train and support independent insurance agents in all 50 states. You can find Sylvia’s weekly posts on LinkedIn and the sisters' Youtube channel posts 2 training videos each week. Contact Sylvia at sgordon@gordonmarketing.com or 800-388-8342.


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