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Why Self-Funded?

  • Custom Plan Design Available – Unique Underwriting
  • 20-50% below Fully Insured Plans
  • 3-5 day Turn Around for Approval
  • Dedicated Sales and Post Sale Service
  • Robust Online Portal

How do you know a group is “healthy”?  Generally, you don’t!

Get a quote from us first!  Groups normally need to see the rates to fill out apps.

  • Don’t do too much field underwriting yourself, ask your rep!


  • Low Risk Conditions: No or Minimal Rating
    • HBP, Cholesterol, GERD, Acne, Depression, Allergies, Generous Build Chart, Smoking (no rating)
  • Medium Risk Conditions: It Depends!
    • Pregnancy, Diabetes, Previous Cancers (could be low/no risk too), Some Heart Conditions
  • High Risk Conditions: High Rating or Declines
    • Hep C, Ongoing Cancers, Transplants, AIDS, MS
    • Injectable Meds
      • Humira, Enbrel, Copaxone

Member Advocacy Team    1-888-306-0905
The Member Advocacy Team will work with your provider to resolve any bill discrepancies.


Call 1-800-388-8342