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All member must agree to the Statement of Standards to be eligible:

  • I BELIEVE in caring for one another.

  • I BELIEVE in keeping my body clean and healthy with proper nutrition.
  • I BELIEVE that excessive alcohol consumption, as well as the us of tobacco or illicit drugs, is harmful to the body and soul.
  • I BELIEVE sexual relations outside the bond of marriage is contrary to the teachings of the Bible and that marriage should be held in honor.
  • I BELIEVE abortion is wrong, except in a life-threatening situation to the mother.
  • I BELIEVE it is my obligation to care of my family, and that physical, mental, or emotional abuse of any kind to a family member, or to anyone else, is morally wrong.

NOTE: Some individuals may not be eligible or have a membership limitation due to certain past or present medical conditions.

Altrua Contacts

Member Services (888) 244-3839       Agent Services (512) 535-4237

LifeWorks Perks (833) 325-8782         Magellan RX (800) 424-0472

Member Questions:

Document Submission: 


Enrollment and Membership Costs


  • Application fee: $100 (non-refundable)
  • Altrue Ministries One-Time Donation: $25 (non-refundable on all membership plans)


  • Annual membership contribution: $100 per family (non-refundable on all membership plans), due on the member’s yearly anniversary date


A missed monthly contribution will result in that month’s eligible needs not being shared. 

An inactive membership can be reinstated when past-due contributions are made within 60 days. After that, a new application and underwriting will be required.

Help Altrua Build Their Network –  If there is a provider that a member wants to go to, but is not listed, they can go online at and request them and Altrua will contact them directly to try and contract with them.

Call 1-800-388-8342