has launched a NEW “Medicare Plan Finder” for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period that is not agent-friendly. It’s the next step in pushing agents out of the transaction.

The current version of the Plan Finder will eventually be closed, but we don’t know when. CMS has been vague, but more info comes out each week.

If you have been using’s Plan Finder to look up drugs and keep saved lists for future reference, PROTECT THEM NOW by downloading and saving your clients’ drug lists on a secured device.

Once has closed the current version of the Plan Finder, your lists will no longer be accessible. Those of you who don’t have a hard copy of your clients’ drugs will have to call each client and take the time to recreate a list of all their drugs and dosages. For those of you who have hundreds of clients and are used to just asking your clients if there are any additions of deletions on the drug list you have saved–this is going to take a lot more of your time.

What’s so different about the new Plan Finder?

The new Medicare Plan Finder will have two different options when searching for a plan to cover clients’ prescriptions:

Assist your client in creating a account (must have MBI). You can run the tool with the client present and save all prescription drug information for later.

Enter as a guest (which many agents do now) and anonymously enter prescriptions each time you’re looking at a plan. These cannot be saved for future use so when you clients calls back the next day because he forgot about a drug, you will have to start all over in the system.

CMS announced this week that we will also be able to compare


CMS is holding a webinar next week on Sept. 5th but hurry to register because it will fill up fast: Click here to register for the webinar

If you lived through the launch of the government’s system, you know that it was painful. It glitched, a lot. It was done, a lot. So plan now for this tool to possibly not be there when you need it most as this is new territory and new = pain if we’ve learned anything from 40 years in this business.

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