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Important Updates

• Great News! Star Ratings are here and Anthem is at 4 stars! A few items to note:
     o All 2020 Enrollment kits that are currently in stock must have the old 2019 Star Ratings removed and replaced with the new 2020 Star Ratings by October 30, per CMS regulations. Please see attached Start Rating sheets!
     o Please have the Star Ratings replaced for kits you already have, rather than throwing away and re-ordering entire kits.
     o Translated Star Ratings are targeted to be posted early next week.
     o We are in the process of updating all orderable kits, and I will send another update soon notifying when all new kits ordered through CustomPoint will automatically include the 2020 PSRs.
• Enrollment validation for DSNPs with future Medicaid effective dates – NO LONGER DENIED ! Just in time for AEP! Effective 10/25, Enrollment Operations will no longer auto deny members who are returned from the state systems as “Not Active”. These members will now be moved to an “incomplete” status for the 21 day RFI period. During this time, Enrollment Operations will periodically check the state portals to verify if there has been a change that could move the member to ACTIVE status.
• Please remember we are here to help with the close of 2019 sales. Many clients are turning 65 each month and we never want to see anyone miss a sale.
• See attached 2020 Broker Producer Guide this include great information to help with AEP and beyond sales.
• Anthem has a new vendor for transportation as of 1/1/2020, Access2Care. Reservations 866-680-0633
• Essential Extra’s Selection Form will soon be loaded to Custom Point.
• MAPD and PDP Formulary’s are now available for download on Custom Point.
• If your current client wants to add a OSB at renewal, they may call member service or complete the OSB short Form. If they are making a plan change they must reelect the current OSB. OSB can be added within 90 days of the effective/renewal date.
• If you have scheduled Sales Events, please review the attached checklist to ensure your event is compliant.
• In our Welcome to AEP email, there was an issue with the ASH network link. Please use this link-
• All paper applications must include your Encrypted TIN for faster processing. Keep in mind, if you submit your paper application in mProducer, you encrypted TIN will be populated in the system, thereby removing any chance for error. Example of an encrypted tin ABGQGNQSYF
• Please remind your client of the change to Ingenio RX. They will need to update their financial information for mail order medications. All prescription information will transfer over to their member portal.
• We now have a test site for the HealthyBenefitsApp so you may see the full member experience and catalog for OTC
     o Link is
     o Test user is
     o Password is 123456

                                  Spot Light – Certification and M Producer Certification

• Are you certified? Don’t miss out on lost revenue to your agency. If you are not certified you will not be able to sell MAPD’s for 2020 and you will not receive your renewal commission.
• It is simple to get Anthems AHIP discount.
• Don’t Forget – if you sell 20 new MAPD policies for 1/1/2020 Anthem will pay your AHIP certification through our web portal next year. #FreeAHIP The 20 contracts are counted at the agent level not the agency.

                                                                                                               M Producer
• Are you using MProducer? Did you know 90% of Paper Apps are pended for missing information? This can slow processing of your applications and approvals and cause you to spend more time on each application. mProducer is your sales link for Anthem MAPD, PDP and Supplements. 
     o Scope of Appointment- Easy to use tool to download, complete your scope of appointment electronically or upload scope of appointment.
     o Quoting & Enroll- set up a client and quote. Only plans available in your customers county will show. Keep in mind quoting includes MAPD, Supplements and PDP.
           You can enroll a paper app, you can sit with a client and enroll, share your screen with a client or you can send a link for client to complete.
           The electronic enrollment is intuitive and exactly like the paper app.
           The application cannot be submitted without all the information needed.
           You can upload your scope and other supporting documents directly with the submission.
           Short Form Electronic Submission for Plan changes for current members- MProducer will identify when an applicant is a current member and will resort to a shorter electronic application that does not require as much information. Please keep in mind if you are not the current Agent you will need a hand written AOR from the member with their name, address, DOB, member number, stating they would like you as their agent with your encrypted TIN.
     o Customers- Track your customers through the approval process.
           Once a customer application is submitted, you will see them as pending. The system will update you along the way from approval, card and welcome kit sent.
           If you have a request for information the system allows you to respond on what is needed. No more Faxing and wondering if Anthem received.
           You can download your completed apps or saved applications from the site.
     o NEW!! DSNP Eligibility Check- Instead of calling in you have 24 access to check eligibility with the DSNP tool. This means you can real time access to your DSNP codes 24/7
     o Links and Helpful Tools- Below are the links in this section. No more looking for the correct link. Anthem make it EASY to get to all the sites you use each day!!
           Helpful Tools takes you to Find a Doc, Find a Facility, Find Your Covered Drugs, and Find a Pharmacy. No more going to two site. No log in required!!
           Custom Point/Sales Tool Kit- Takes you directly to the Custom Point site for log in.
           Medicare Certification Training Center/Sales Event Tracker- you lost the link above now its available right on your sales site.
           Producer Toolbox- This is your site to track your customers once the sales process is complete. You can see your clients, run reports, order id cards, check client information, get pdf materials, log into Producer News and much, much more!!

Anthem, Inc.

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