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Enroll UHC MAPD & PDP Via Email or Telephone 

This platform is not available for DSNP’s Limited Availability for UHC/AARP Branded Medicare Supplement

Agent’s pay only $150 annual set up fee to enroll unlimited UHC MAPD apps Agents can print a full copy of the application for your files! See sample here

Perfect for agents who sell:

  • On the telephone

  • In multiple states

  • In a large rural area with long distances between clients

  • So many sales during AEP that she can’t get to all her prospects face to face


It is critical that agents understand that a full needs assessment and sales presentation must still be done for the clients. Clients are not to be emailed a link to self-enroll. This tool can be a great benefit or beneficiaries and agents if used correctly.

E Scope: This will allow you to email a scope to the client and the software will send it to UHC and retain the SOA for the required 10 year period –now that’s convenient!

Who is Connecture? Formerly DRX, they are a publicly traded company that provides all the plan data for–so you know the data is always up to date! You will see everything that you already see on with the addition of the e scope, provider look up and application. Next year they are rolling out retention tools!

How is this different than the current tool that clients can enroll directly with UHC and put in an agent number? With that tool, the agent may not be present and should not be doing a screen share. This is designed for you to complete most of the application with the client on the telephone and for the client to finish the application via email with the agent on the telephone. The enrollment goes to the carrier and the client and the agent receives a confirmation.

Are there other carriers that we can enroll using this platform? No. Our program is only for United Healthcare.

How does this work for AARP Medicare Supplements? Agents can sell and enroll through this platform with a restriction on sending a consumer a self-enrollement link that is possible with the MAPD product. 

Are all agents contracted with Gordon Marketing able to use this software? This is only for select agents this year and a fee applies.

See the screen shots below of the agent dashboard and login site


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