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Understanding the ways that Medicare Supplements are rated. Three choices, with age-rated being the most common >>

“Seemless Conversation” imperils your clients. Learn about how your clients may be autoenrolled into a MAPD >>

Learn the rules here – Watch a video on Scope rules >>

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If you are a seasoned agent and want to learn more about the details behind the rules, or you are a new agent delving into the Senior Market for the first time, this page is a good resource for Senior Market agents.

Your clients can now give you access to their Medicare health information >>

What do the letters in a SSN mean?
By 2019 SSN will NOT be used as Medicare numbers.
Starting in 2018, your clients will all be assigned an number with 4 numbers and 4 letters It will be confusing and a great opportunity to be of service to your clients.
Paper cards will be replaced with plastic! >>

Why the Star ratings matter, how they calculate them and what you can do to impact star ratings. Click here >>

Who pays first? 20 or more employee rule >>

Who Pays First Guide from Medicare >>

Medicare Guaranteed Issue Rights >>

Medicare Benefit Periods Explained >>

CMS High Risk Medications. Drugs that your Part D carrier may no longer offer because they are not safe for Seniors at any dosage >>

State Pharmacy Assistance Programs. Every state has some type of program to assist those on Medicare with their drug costs >>

Part D Election Periods >>

Considering Buying Drugs Internationally? Here is some info and here is a site we have used >>

Low Income HOME ENERGY Assistance Did you know the Federal Government has a program to help people pay their energy bills? Be a hero to your clients! >>

Click here for rules >>

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs >>

Not all carriers offer an Agent of Record program, so keep this sheet handy when you are in the field. When you find an “orphan” you can become the agent with many carriers >>

Low Income Subsidy – Even if you don’t work with Dual Eligibles, you need to know where to go to find the income levels and how to help your clients apply for Extra Help paying for their Part D drug plans. This chart is what you need >>

If your client has an employer group plan with over 20 employees, she doesn’t have to take Medicare Part B at age 65. However, if she retires and takes COBRA that is NOT credible coverage and will result in a late Part B penalty! This makes no sense and NAHU is working to change it. Beware! >>

As of now, it looks like the 2020 Medicare Part B premium will be $144.30. That’s an increase of $8.80 from 2019. The Part B deductible is projected to increase from $185 to $197 in 2020. The Part A deductible is projected to increase from $1,364 to $1,420 in 2020.

The Part A deductible is projected to increase from $1,364 to $1,420 in 2020.>>

Medicare and You Guides can be downloaded. Clip and send parts of the booklet to your clients. Call to order them for free, just go to Medicare’s site to order. These are great to use in client seminars >>

Watch our helpful video here – Here is the application to apply for VA benefits >>

Medicare Supplement companies often give a discount for two or more applicants. Click here to see our cheat sheet summary >>

Some states require both applicants to be married, other states just require that your client lives with another person, above the age of 18 >>

Click here to see Medico’s state by state chart >>

Click here to see Aetna’s rules >>

Birthday State and Guaranteed Issue State Rules for 7 Unusual Medicare Supplement States. If you sell in many states you may want to stay clear of these states with low commissions and higher than average rates >>

How to help your clients get a free cell phone? Read here about “Obama Phones.” This is a valuable service for low income seniors >>

MAPD Election Period Codes
If you put on the wrong code it can prevent your application from being processed! >>

Part D Election Periods >>

Only 25 states require the sale of Medicare Supplements for those under age 65 on disabilty >>

Check out our helpful chart and remember, just because they have a plan doesn’t mean they pay commissions >>

Sylvia’s mother in law was the victim of a common crime, Please help your clients stay clear of this! A great article for client newsletters >>

Unless they move it up, the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) will return in 1/2019. This gives Medicare Beneficiaries the right to make one change to their MAPD or PDP plan the first quarter of each year! >>

Deft Research has a great diagram to show you that persistency is very high with MAPD plans and has gotten higher over the years! Once you sell a plan, most carriers pay lifetime renewals.

One of the major factor in moving plans is poor customer service–something beyond the control of the agent.


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