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Do Your Clients Pay a Surcharge for Part B?

If your clients are deemed to be high earners (based on their tax returns from 2 years ago –modified adjusted gross income), the IRMAA surcharge will automatically be taken out of their Social Security check each month. They will see this listed separately on their SS statment.

Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount = IRMAA

They will also pay a surcharge for Part D!

This is a sample letter they will receive from Social Security explaining their IRMAA >>

Did you know?

  • Only 1-5% of Medicare beneficiaries reach the catastrophic Benefit Period each year?

  • The average plan premium in 2017 is $34.

  • The maximum plan deductible allowed by CMS in 2017 is $400.

  • Envision Rx  

  • Humana  PDP  

  • Silverscript Rx

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Liberty Benefits -for non formulary drugs

FYI: If you do all your Rx searches on be aware that they are not always up to date.

Generic drugs can save your client a lot of money, but not all generics perform as well as brand name drugs.