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Plan N Is My Favorite Plan I Sell

  • Aetna– App bonus the rest of 2017, E app

  • Anthem – Plan G is guaranteed issue off group! App bonus some states. Anthem has lowered their rates and raised agent commissions. This is a plan on the move!

  • Americo – Pairs well with FE plan

  • Cigna – Hottest Rates in Nation, E app

  • Gerber

  • GCU

  • GPM Life

  • IAC -18 month advanced commission

  • Liberty Bankers

  • LCBA

  • Manhattan Life

  • Medico Large Household Discount NO NEED TO BOTH BUY, E app

  • New Era / Philidelphia American

  • Mutual of Omaha – Large Household Discount, E app

  • Thrivent for Lutherans

  • United American – Level lifetime commissions, lead account, E app

  • United of Omaha

  • UnitedHealthcare

“No Life License” Needed in CA/NV/CO with Anthem Med Supp…

Writing with Anthem
just got a lot easier.

Anthem CA

Anthem CO

Anthem NV

New legislation will eliminate the sale of new Med Supp Plan F in the future.

Typically this means, stop selling Plan F now, as those rates will increase faster than other plans once Plan F can no longer be sold (unless it is the rare company that doesn’t block business).

Exisiting Plans F will continue to be active, but no new clients can purchase Plan F after 1/2020.

In any event, most carriers have already planned for this (we’ve know this was on Pres. Obama’s wish list for 5 years) and have priced Plan G to be their most competitive plan.


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