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Medicare Supplements and
Supplemental Products

E App click on this link to start an app

Online Enrollment Tool (E-App) Reference Guide

Select “Individual Med Supp” on right

Choice of Signature options. For email the client must use the last 4 of SSN to open an email that you will generate, open all 3 attachments and then click the box to apply signature. Takes 3 minutes.

Voice Signature is the fastest! You must do a 3 way call 877-806-9519. It won’t work if you have your client on speaker phone on a cell phone. Take it off speaker

Aetna Med Supp has a 12 month rate guarantee once client is enrolled.

Aetna Med Supp Household Discount Eligibility Guidelines

Household Discount Eligibility Form

Guarantee Issue Plan Availability

Commission Advances: 6,9 and 12 months

House Hold Discount 5% or 7% and client NEVER loses HHD regardless of marital status (not all carriers do this).

AOR: No. You can have the client write a letter and you will be the new agent, but the old agent continues to get paid.

Release Rules: Agents can send an email and be released in 6 months, while continuing to write those 6 months.

If an agent has a downline, he can’t move without a release or a period of 6 months inactivity.

A GA can release all agents below him without the MGA signing off. Just sent a letter on your letterhead to

No releases are processed during the blackout period of Oct. 1 – Dec. 31.

2018 Aetna Med Supp Bonus Program:
Extra Dough!

Qualification period is
Jan. 1st – Dec. 31st, 2018

  • Earn a bonus per app after 4 apps
  • $100 for each underwritten policy issued
    $25 for each open enrollment policy issued

Call 1-800-388-8342