AEP Retail Sales Opportunity

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Walmart Participation Information Request

Requirements for 2023 Season

  1. Cost of booth is $1500
  2. No refund for this year’s program
  3. Agents will need to be RTS (ready to sell) with at least two of the top carriers by 9/01
  4. Agents must continue to fulfil the same program requirements of 90% reporting, zero no-shows, and no compliance issues
  5. Stores will be available during OEP for an additional fee.
  • The SALES Opportunity. Thousands of people visit a Walmart in your community every day. Now that the opportunity includes both ACA and Medicare Advantage products, everyone who walks by is a potential sale.
  • The Referral Opportunity. Although you may not sell to everyone that visits your booth, you will be giving them your business card and making them aware of your expertise. If treated well, they will tell their friends and family.
  • The Advertising Opportunity. Walmart wants to become the #1 healthcare provider in the industry; so the opportunity to purchase health insurance in stores will be heavily advertised by Walmart, steering more potential customers to your booth.
  • The Recognition Opportunity. For several weeks, customers will see you as they go about their shopping, associating you with answers to their healthcare questions.
  • Branding from the largest retailer in the United States. Walmart provides in-store support, and in-store awareness with a kiosk, special literature, signs, brochures and posters.

What agents tell us:

“I credit working in the store with taking my business to the next level. It is great exposure in my community and year after year, the sales just keep increasing!”

-Mike, Ohio

I had a great year at Walmart, I’ve had a Walmart almost every year since it was invented, you got me my first one.  You have to look happy, and talk to people, and they will tell all their friends and relatives about you in the end.  I don’t really think there is a BAD Walmart – I think there are bad agents.”

-Marianne, Indiana

Round 1: Right-of-Refusal those agents that met all requirements for their store last year have first pick to keep or drop their stores. Must have store and credit card information by 5/06. On 5/12 a list of available stores will be published: Stores that were not staffed last year or did not qualify for Right-of-Refusal and new participating stores will be available for request. GM will take requests for these stores starting 5/12 but GM will not be able to send request to Direct Health until start of Round 2 on 5/16.

Round 2: Start of Store Selection, on 5/16 a new list will be published that will include all stores that are available including stores that were dropped or not paid for during Round 1.

Round 3: Final Store Selection starting 6/13. A new list will be published of all available stores which will include stores that were not paid for during Round 2.

At the start of each round make sure to review the list as new stores could become available.

Questions about the $1500 Kiosk Fee ?

  • Just a few sales will pay off your kiosk fee. The fee doesn’t cover the cost of this booth, it is just meant to ensure that the agent has “some skin in the game”. Every year there are agents who sign up, but don’t show up to staff a booth. This is a CMS violation that reflects poorly on the program and us.  

  • Agents should request their top three store locations as there is no way to guarantee a location will be available. 

  • If you are awarded one of your choices, you must immediately pay the $1500 fee.

  • The fee must be paid to Gordon Marketing, via credit card. We do not keep any part of this fee.

  • If you later decline to staff the store for any reason, you forfeit the deposit. With 4,000 stores in play, a firm commitment is needed to keep staffing on track.

  • The deposit is paid to Marketpoint, we are only a pass-through entity. We don’t retain your deposit or forfeited deposit fees.


  • Sorry, we are unable to accept personal checks.

  • Each store will be worked by more than one agent, and agents can share the cost between them, but Gordon Marketing must have one lead agent who pays the fee and is responsible for the store.

  • The lead agent can then collect back part of the fee from other participating agents; however, Gordon Marketing will not be able to divide out the cost of the kiosk to more than one agent due to the time constraints on this program

Understanding The Program

Four Levels: Walmart, Marketpoint, Gordon Marketing, & Insurance Carriers

  • Marketpoint has a contract with Walmart to staff and manage independent agents, as well as captive agents, in over 4,000 stores nationwide.

  • Gordon Marketing is an FMO with a contract to staff stores with independent agents.

  • Agents in the FMO model will work through Jillian Crowder. While your marketer is still your main support person at Gordon Marketing, for this program, all question will funnel through the program director and not your marketer.

  • The program is designed to offer seniors a choice of carriers in their area. It is very important that agents do not “steer” seniors to only one plan. To participate, agents must be able to sell for several carriers. This allows the agent to discuss several options for their prospects.

  • Steering is strictly prohibited. If however, one plan is much more competitive than all the others, that is not considered steering. Steering is when plans are very similar, but an agent only sells for one carrier. This violates the spirit of the program and will result in expulsion from the program. If you have questions about steering, please talk to us.

  • You may find that rules differ slightly for captive agents vs agents in the FMO channel (captive agents assign all commissions to an upline and may be provided tablets and or uniforms while independent agents pay for their own shirts and tablets, if they choose to use one.)

  • You will be working with a Walmart Store Manager and the Pharmacy Manager. It is critical that you do not reach out to them until instructed to do so by Jillian. 

  • Your daily reports must be filed on the web portal.  Walmart, and all carriers involved in the program will be able to see your sales reports too. 

  • You must maintain your insurance carrier contracts, with several carriers in each market, in order to be eligible to staff a store. If you lose the right to represent some or all carriers, you may lose the right to staff your store. For example, UHC does background checks each year. If you lose your UHC contract, it may result in you losing the ability to staff a store. While you are not required to be contracted with all carriers in a given market, you must be able to contract and certify with at least 2 MAPD, PDP and Medicare Supplement carriers on the approved list furnished by Marketpoint.

  • Agents are not allowed to sell products from carriers that are not on the approved list.

  • The  list of approved carriers will vary by region. Most smaller carriers will not be approved, while the large national carriers are all participating.

  • The lead carrier that communicates on behalf of all carriers with CMS for this program is Humana

Compliance & Attendance are #1

  • CMS strictly requires that agents are present for all hours that he/she schedules. If  the agent does not show up, and is Secret Shopped by CMS, Walmart, and/or the carriers, this hurts everyone involved in the program. We can’t stress enough that attendance is not optional!  Should you need to cancel an event for any reason, do so in the website portal. Any no-shows will result in loss of store for next year.

  • Compliance is the backbone of any sales program. All agents are required to pass certification for all carriers they represent as well as Walmart’s own training modules.

  • Marketpoint intends to reward agents who meet the Compliance and Attendance thresholds with the right of first refusal for that retail store for the next selling season. However, some stores may not be involved in the FMO channel next year, in which case, no matter how well you performed in the store this year, it may be not possible for your to staff the store next year.

  • Should an emergency arise and you need to back out of your store for any reason, you are no longer eligible for a refund or first right of refusal for the next year.
  • We have no control over these decisions. All FMOs are on a level playing field and no exceptions to these rules will be granted.


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