Walmart Retail Program

Participation in the Walmart Retail Program gives you an opportunity to meet hundreds of potential clients, without driving hundreds of miles. Represent the plans of your choice in one of thousands of stores nationwide during AEP season. Staff a booth in a high-traffic area of your neighborhood Walmart retail store to answer questions and enroll beneficiaries in healthcare plans. Take advantage of in-store awareness and support from the largest retailer in the United States.

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Round 1: Right of First Refusal – Agents who met all program requirements from the previous year are able to claim their same store for the upcoming year.
Round 2: Agents who would like a new store are able to request on a first come, first served basis. 
Round 3: Agents who were not able to claim a store in Round 2 are able to request on a first come, first served basis.
Program timelines coming soon!


Program Requirements

  1. Must be contracted under Gordon Marketing with at least two of the top three Medicare Advantage carriers in your area
  2. Reservation fee payable at registration*
  3. 90% daily reporting, zero no-shows, and no compliance issues
  4. Complete all Medicare product certification by September 1st
  5. Check-in with pharmacy required
  6. Must be in store 20 hours per week, at least three days per week (can be split with other agent(s))

*Payment will be required to reserve store(s) during each round. Agents who meet production requirements will be eligible for reimbursement through Gordon Marketing.

Stores will be available during OEP for an additional fee.

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Walmart Participation Information Request

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