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Medicare TikTok: Seniors are on TikTok Looking for Help

Seniors on TikTok? One of the things we are proud of at Gordon Marketing is that we “walk the walk and talk the talk” meaning before we attempt to...

Why Don’t You Spend As Much Time on Retention as You Do on Sales?

Serious question: why don't you spend as much time on retention as you do on sales? Agents who have a retention program are rare. Most...

What to Do When “Medicare” Calls

Spoiler alert: Medicare will never call you. We agents know this but the average American retiree does not know what to do when...

How Medicare Supplement Rates Certain Types of Diabetes Medicare

If you are living with Diabetes then you know how important adequate health insurance coverage is. Those drugs aren’t cheap! Beginning...

Why Doesn’t Social Media Work For Insurance Agents?

Why Doesn’t Social Media Work For Insurance Agents?Spoiler alert: Social Media does work for insurance agents, but you are doing it...

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