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What Is An Insurance FMO? Do You Need One?

What Is An Insurance FMO?Independent life and health distribution are set up in a system that is confusing to the point of being ridiculous. Each...

Medicare Low Income Programs Explained

There are many Medicare low-income programs at the state and federal level that can assist your Medicare clients with the cost of their...

Medicare Supplement Household Discounts Explained

First, you must commit to memory this: Every company has different rules. Very different rules.If you learn what household discounts...

Medicare Supplement Plan F Is NEW Again. Yes, Plan F!

Plan F is no longer available for newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries. You think that MACRA is easy. You think that Plan F is gone...

Medicare Part D Dirty Secrets To Warn Your Clients About

The Dirty Secrets of Medicare Part D.Selling a Medicare Part D stand alone drug plan is creating a lead for that carrier's internal...

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