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Anthem Announces New Essential Extras Benefits

Are you looking for a carrier that stays ahead of the game?If so, Anthem may be your best choice. The carrier has made huge strides to...

Trump Administration Sued Over Short Term Plans

Last week I had two agents tell me that they cancelled their Affordable Care Act plans since they cost as much as a mortgage.  I've...

Is Your Doctor Bought And Paid For By the Drug Companies?

I've had Medicare clients tell me, "My doctor only prescribes brand name drugs" with the inference that their doctor is somehow more...

Do You Understand POAs? No, You Don’t.

As insurance agents we are called to give a lot of advice on tax consequences, drug choices, when to take Social Security, consequences...

Why Is Medicare’s “Under Observation” Problem Only Getting Worse?

As an insurance agent specializing in Medicare products, you confidently inform your client that buying a Plan F or G is the “Cadillac”...

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