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Medicare Part D Dirty Secrets To Warn Your Clients About

Selling a Medicare Part D stand alone drug plan is creating a lead for that carrier's internal sales team. Their goal is to convert your...

State Appointment Fees Virtually No One Is Doing This Correctly

The good news is many carriers have made moving your contract easier.The bad news is there is no standardization in our industry and the...

HRA’s – Earn More Money on top of Commission

Join the Gordon sisters for another FANTASTIC episode of the weekly Wednesday Wrap Up.Where they bring you the latest in insurance news....

Understand your clients’ concerns about acid reflux drugs

Join us on this week's Wednesday Wrap Up where Sylvia and Rebecca Gordon cover the latest happenings in the insurance industry!This...

New App Displays What Original Medicare Covers

Don't sift through all of those pesky e-mails. Join Sylvia and Rebecca each week to discuss what's new in the insurance industry.  Click...

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