The good news is many carriers have made moving your contract easier.

The bad news is there is no standardization in our industry and the rules vary greatly.

Anthem, the nation’s largest Blue Cross and Blue Shield carrier, only added a release policy last year, but it is a good one.

You can immediately be moved from a direct contract and just an email will move you between FMOs in 6 months.

Most carriers will allow you to move your contract if you have not written in 6 months but the nation’s largest insurance company, United Healthcare no longer allows you to move if you are inactive.

Most people (FMOs and NMAs) I’ve asked are unaware of this new wrinkle.

Aetna Med Supp will allow you to move with an email request but only agents are eligible, not agencies.

In contrast to Aetna/Coventry MAPD that will allow agents and agencies to move in only 3 months.
If this option is chosen, you must remain in your new relationship for 1 year.

allwell (Centene) allows agents to email broker services and be released in 30 days.

Silverscript is rare in that they will allow agents to dual contract, effectively allowing an immediate release; however, they have a long blackout period (Oct-Jan) where you cannot move. No form necessary!


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