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The Your Family Bank® concept shows individuals, families, and/or businesses a way to redirect their current cash flow to pay off all their debts including their mortgage and student loans in 9 years or less! In doing so… saving thousands of dollars in interest, reducing taxes, and saving for retirement. How do we accomplish this?… By utilizing the power and flexibility of Whole Life Insurance.


If you’re an agent looking to get in front of more prospects and close more life insurance sales than you ever thought possible, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Learn the Your Family Bank sales system and conversational approach and you’ll be amazed at your new found success. In addition, you’ll be helping your clients solve one of their most pressing financial problems… Debt. Last year alone, YFB clients were able to save in excess of $47,700,000 in interest and potentially created $397,600,000 in retirement savings… All of which could be tax free!

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