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IRS – January 02, 2023

On this site you can do research into any tax issues your client may have. As always, you need to inform your clients/prospects that you are not a tax expert and that they should also seek out the advice of a Tax Professional. This site will give you basic research.

Social Security – February 22, 2023

On this site you can get basic Social Security information and also assist your client’s with creating an account so they can get their benefit estimates.

Annuity Gator – May 27, 2023

This site will give you unbiased opinions about the index annuity industry. You can read product reviews, get current rates, and even get questions answered.

Investopedia – December 31, 2019

This website has an enormous amount of information concerning annuities and the usage of annuities. You can find references to financial terms and strategies. You can get market updates that will effect you decision making process on indexed products, and you can even run simulations.

Index Annuity Leadership Council – December 31, 2019

This is a great non-bias educational website all about indexed annuities.