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Well it’s the future of Lead generation. Other forms of lead generation such as mail are going up in price and down in return. The eyeballs are on social media. And more eyeballs are on Facebook that any other social media.

Retirement Questions Answered

As Americans live longer and the number of years potentially spent in retirement grows, it is increasingly important for them to understand their retirement income options. To help people in your community better prepare for future financial well-being, this seminar provides answers to common retirement questions.

Retirement Purse Strings Seminar

More than ever, women control their household’s purse strings. However, a recent study found that many women lack long-term financial preparedness and do not feel confident in their ability to reach their long-term retirement goals. This seminar addresses the unique financial challenges women face and provides relevant information to help them become more financially confident.

Tax-Free Income In Retirement Seminar

In retirement, most people do not expect taxes to be one of their highest bills. But a historical study, concluded that taxes are the greatest expense incurred by affluent retirees and many retirees are not savvy about ways to reduce their taxes. This seminar teaches attendees how to potentially increase tax-free income—and their purchasing power—in retirement.

Fighting Financial Fraud Seminar

Financial fraud is a trending topic and a concern for many Americans. Offering this seminar as an informational service to your community will help residents see your company as a financial resource.


One of our most successful and longest running programs!
Our dynamic trainer will conduct a 4-hour CPE credit program for CPAs in your area centered on the annuities and life insurance products you offer. Fifty percent of attendees want to meet with the agent and on average 8 to 12 are interested in purchasing a product for themselves. The program is so effective, it could pay for itself with just one sale! We’ll help you fill the seats and hand over the referrals as soon as the course is complete.