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Talk to your FMO FIRST!

The average age of an insurance agent in the US is 59. Don’t let your business also retire. We want to buy it!
You have worked long hours to build your business.
  • Now you are ready to retire.

  • You want to make sure your clients are taken care of with the same attention you gave them.

  • You want to get a fair price for your book of business

We offer both a lump sum payout, or if you prefer, a pay out over several years.

Our buying process can be completed as quickly as needed or over time, whatever works best for YOU.

We KNOW your business and are in business to service your clients, your way. We assign a licensed insurance agent to handle your book of business.

Sam – Indiana
Working with the acquisition team help me and my family jump-start our retirement 2 years early, without having to worry about servicing my clients and waiting, I was able to sell my book of business with peace mind knowing they were a family owned business. 

Angela – California
With the help of Dawn and the team I was surprised to find out how much my business was actually worth!  I didn’t even consider selling until I found out.  Thanks for all you do! 

Bill – Ohio
After years in the business and a large book of clients I wanted to retire.  But I did not want my clients to be stuck with an insurance agent they did not trust.  When I approched Gordon Marketing, they had agents that I know of in my area that will assist my clients and policies.  I did not know this was available until now.  Thanks GM.

Exit Planning

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Dawn Boyer
Executive Director
EXT, 312