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Gordon Marketing, an Awarding Winning Insurance FMO, is committed to serving the independent insurance agent in life, health, senior, annuity and ancillary sales. Let our experienced staff be your back office! We can help you grow your business with our constant training opportunities via webinars, classroom continuing education and our Training Universities. From Medicare Basics to Advanced Compliance, we offer the training you need to stay in business in our ever-changing insurance industry. From humble beginnings in 1988, Gordon Marketing founders Dick and Margaret have grown Gordon Marketing into one of the nation’s largest Field Marketing Offices serving thousands of agents, by building one relationship at a time.

This is a relationship business! One of the few businesses where people still make house calls and work with the same person for decades or the same agencies for generations. Insurance is a great business (don’t quote us on that some days) and it is our pleasure to work with the hard-working, small business people who are insurance agents. Thank you for giving our family the chance to earn your business.

President Rebecca Gordon has an undergraduate degree in communications from Indiana University. If you have ever sat through one of her training sessions, you will know that her parent’s investment in her degree was well spent! An inventive and highly entertaining speaker, Rebecca is a very sought-after speaker and trains hundreds of agents annually around the nation. She is one of the foremost experts on the Affordable Care Act.

Being a second-generation company has been a blessing for the Gordon Sisters, and they are very grateful to be able to work each day with their parents (semi-retired but still very active in the company) as well as their brother Frank, and all their spouses! A true “family affair” Gordon Marketing is more than just another FMO, they truly enjoy insurance sales and bring a fresh perspective to the industry. All the principals are licensed agents and still sell in the field. They each sell the products they represent — which makes their training advice more authentic. You can’t fake it in the field.

From time to time every agent gets disillusioned with his or her FMO. “When agents contact us because they are mad at their FMO, the first thing I want to hear is why?” stated Sylvia Gordon, “because I know most of the other marketing companies and chances are the reason the agent is mad is not the other FMO’s fault, but the nature of processing business, normal delays or unrealistic agent expectations. We don’t want agents to feel that those things will never happen in our office–because they will. We can’t control a lot of the frustrations in this industry and we are frank about that. But, we will be honest and work hard for every agent.”


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“One of the greatest things about Gordon Marketing is our ability to adapt,” remarked Rebecca Gordon, Vice President, “We have been on the national leader board for health, life and senior products. The industry keeps changing and we will change with it. Agents put their trust in us to steer them toward the right products and we take their trust very seriously.”

As Health Reform grips the independent agent, Gordon Marketing has been very vocal with our national political leaders about the impact the ACA has had on agents. We are always working behind the scenes to protect the agents in the field.

So what IS an FMO? Field Marketing Office also known as an IMO, NMA and by many other terms, is a distributor of insurance products for insurance companies. We wholesale. Agents are the retail sellers of the policies and we operate in the background between the agents and the companies in a supporting role.

We do what the large companies can’t–or won’t do — due to their size, geographic limitations and budgets. We can work with agents on a face to face basis. We travel nonstop so that we can build relationships with the agents that we support. If there are agents contracted with Gordon Marketing, chances are 90% or greater that Sylvia and/or Rebecca has done a training meeting with those agents–personally. We are personality driven. Our casual style isn’t for every agent and there is no shortage of FMO’S vying to be the most “corporate.” We decidedly are not “corporate” and have no aspiration to become more like that model. We are a family. What you see is what you get and yes, that means warts and all. We don’t have the sanitized delivery that political correctness demands. Agents find us refreshing because first and foremost, we are agents too. We talk the talk and walk the walk. Agents always know where they stand with us and we expect the same from them.