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Christina McGinley
Christina M.
20:31 19 Jun 24
I have worked with Gordon Marketing and Ken Becker for 24 years. Ken is an absolute delight to work with.
Edward Matias
Edward M.
18:54 07 Jun 23
The best IMO I have ever worked with! I have a great Marketer, Edgar, and he has a great team to support us! Could not be happier with their support.
Robert Hammond
Robert H.
20:45 26 Apr 23
I have been an independent broker (specializing in Medicare) contracted with Gordon Marketing as my IMO since 2017. Hands down ZERO complaints. EVERYONE I have ever delt with at Gordon Marketing from the owner, two presidents, all executives, my marketer and the entire admin staff are truly amazing people. They are genuine, caring, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and at the end of the day most importantly ALWAYS put the client / insured 1st. I could never imagine working with another IMO. Gordon Marketing embodies what American business is all about; work hard, do the right thing and ALWAYS put the client 1st!!!
Mr. Hunt
Mr. H.
02:14 21 Sep 22
I have heard it said that Ken Becker is the greatest Marketer of all-time. But that is only true if you haven't met Sissy Clark yet. Sissy is definitely the greater-est Marketer of all-time. I even heard that Sissy beats Ken in arm wrestling.Super big thank you to Sissy and Marci for quickly, accurately, and happily taking care of my crazy needs and requests. I am grateful for you both!- Mark Hunt
Michelle McPike Morin
Michelle McPike M.
15:59 26 May 22
Sylvia is full of information and has many ways of helping agents be successful. The digital tools and guidance is a valuable piece to remaining a relevant business now and in the future.
Anne deLeon
Anne D.
15:49 26 May 22
I've had the pleasure of working with Sylvia and the Gordon Marketing team for ten years and they are the best of the best. 10 stars!!! You can't find better support and training in all areas whether its Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities, or any of the many other products they carry. Their ongoing webinars and seminars keep agents up to date and they truly make you feel like part of the family. I have an FMO five minutes from my house yet I make the five hour drive to keep Gordon Marketing my home!
Kathy Herring
Kathy H.
15:45 26 May 22
Gordon Marketing always has great information for Agents. I have attended many of the webinars that offer information about Social Security, and Medicare training. Wednesday Wrap Up with Sylvia & Rebecca has very useful information. I also follow along on TikTok and gain valuable information that I can share with my clients. - NCInsurancelady in NC
Jo Hutchison
Jo H.
15:18 26 May 22
I have learned so much from the SUPER helpful videos, webinars and regular updates from the entire Gordon Marketing team. Their staff is very proactive any time I have a question. Makes me feel like I really have a fantastic support team behind me.
Jeff Buchholz
Jeff B.
15:14 26 May 22
A great FMO for agents to work with. They have a wealth of information available for us in their videos and frequent live streams on new companies and products, as well as keeping us up to date on tax law changes and so on.The breadth of products and companies is very helpful in finding the perfect fit for our clients, whether that is life insurance, health insurance, Medicare supplements or advantage plans and annuities.They have experts familiar with the subtleties and nuances as well as the underwriting requirements and appetites of the various carriers.Brendon Crook has been a big help to me on more complex strategies for things such as helping a client protect assets in an IRA account while still providing an upside should the stock market take off, but protection for crashes and still provide a nice death benefit for children... and minimizing tax ramifications in the process.He was also able to help with Medicaid compliant annuities.It is hard to beat the combination of a broad market presence, personal service & a library of resources to help agents succeed.
John Pepe
John P.
15:06 26 May 22
I have worked for many Insurance companies and FMO's. The information and the follow though on any thing that comes up is nothing short of awesomeness. Thanks for all the follow up and help.
15:01 26 May 22
Gordon Marketing does a fantastic job of keeping agents up to date with changes in Medicare and the latest technology information to grow your business.
Penny Wegner
Penny W.
15:00 26 May 22
Probably the most educational webinar to help me grow my business.
Kenyatta Vasan
Kenyatta V.
14:57 26 May 22
Just go off a Google My Profile training with Sylvia Gordon and it was amazing! I learned how to set up my profile the correct way and how to optimize it so that I rank higher in the search. Definitely looking forward to future trainings from Sylvia and Gordon Marketing.
Nathan Dickens
Nathan D.
14:55 26 May 22
Sylvia real tries to help agents out if information to grow there own business. Life Agents, Medicare Agents Etc. Sylvia held a Google class on 4 Steps to Maximize Your Company's Google My Business. If you missed you need to watch the recording or join her class in July.
Kimberly Sikorski
Kimberly S.
20:06 07 Jul 21
Excellent organization...these ladies and their staff really know their stuff. Thank you for all you do for the broker community!!
Lynnette Warren
Lynnette W.
23:17 23 Jun 21
This company helps keep me up to date with emails, webinars, & courses.
Goldie Rasmussen
Goldie R.
18:50 20 May 21
I have watched your videos every week and learned so much! It’s entertaining and very helpful. Your social security continuing education seminar was amazing. This information will be very valuable for my clients (and myself). Your company is so nice and easy to work with. I’m looking forward to more of your training classes when you come back to Idaho!
Robert T Kelly
Robert T K.
15:52 14 May 21
I like working with the folks at Gordon Marketing. They listen to my requests and follow up to do what they say they will do. I also like a lot of their YouTube videos They are usually funny and entertaining.
alexis gick
alexis G.
14:08 14 May 21
I have loved my internships at Gordon Marketing during my high school career. It has taught me a lot about the business. I will definitely be able to utilized this experience throughout my college career.
John Henderson
John H.
14:04 14 May 21
I have worked with Gordon Marketing over the past several years. I love their training and knowledge of all the different type products I can add to my portfolio as value added for my clients. A huge thank you!
15:44 30 Mar 21
Edgar, Craig, Tina, Brady and the whole tram have been fantastic. Very responsive with complete details and info in a very quick manner.You will not regret partnering or working with this team of class act professionals!
Sylvia Gordon
Sylvia G.
17:19 23 Feb 21
Hands down the best FMO I’ve ever worked with! A nice group of people, but the President is a little unconventional. Her sisters are TOP NOTCH!
Russell Hudson
Russell H.
21:11 04 Nov 20
Gordon Marketing sends great emails chock full of useful bits of information. They do a great job, give them a try!
Bonnie Bischoff
Bonnie B.
21:13 28 Oct 20
Quality company with professional staff that always is available to answer questions and solve problems. I did my research before choosing a company. Charles Fisher has been especially instrumental in providing support. You won’t be disappointed doing business with Gordon Marketing.
Seth Damas
Seth D.
00:49 05 Sep 20
Check out the website! It's amazing!!
Casey Lillie
Casey L.
18:58 14 Aug 20
The Gordon’s and Sissy are amazing!
Rhoda Faller
Rhoda F.
14:01 14 Aug 20
Most helpful and kind people.
Josh Schauermann
Josh S.
15:37 11 Aug 20
Charles Fisher at Gordon Marketing has really helped me with setting up my agency and obtaining insurance company contracts to help my clients. Thanks Charles!
Scott Meiners
Scott M.
19:59 04 Aug 20
Sylvia is amazing! She is a wealth of information, very transparent, and EXTREMELY helpful! I'm so glad I found them!
Rob Butterfield
Rob B.
19:06 16 Jul 20
They do a great job at being there when you need them. Superior help with media and marketing and laser focused on helping agents succeed.
Lyndsy Tranquill
Lyndsy T.
20:16 16 Apr 20
In the 13 years I've been with Gordon Marketing, I've attended many expos, training seminars and a few of their trips as well. Hands down you will not find a better, more knowledgeable group of people. They provide amazing support and keep you up to date on all of the changes in the industry. If you've never attended one of their expos, you don't know what you're missing!
Greg Sanders
Greg S.
23:11 08 Apr 20
Great team and very supportive! Unlike some FMOs, they are quick to respond to questions and problems.
Imagine Insurance
Imagine I.
21:20 16 Mar 20
I have been working with Gordon Marketing for over 10 years now. They are wonderful people. They are always helpful and the training they provide is top notch. It's nice to put all my business with one group. I highly recommend them. to anyone.
Premier Insurance Services
Premier Insurance S.
15:57 13 Mar 20
Gordon Marketing has been a tremendous source of information and support. They have kept me informed of all changes in my marketplace. Give them a call if your unhappy with your marketing organization.Mark KofaltCincinnati
Melinda Johnson
Melinda J.
15:42 12 Mar 20
I have been with Gordon Marketing for years. Awesome training as always!
mel russo
mel R.
15:42 12 Mar 20
Medicare for veterans meeting was very informative. Thanks Ken Becker.
Jody Curtis
Jody C.
15:41 12 Mar 20
Went to a training on Veterans today. Outstanding information, easy to understand and very helpful!!!! I look forward to serving our Veterans. Ken is hoot! Thank you for all your help.
Leigh Mihalich
Leigh M.
15:28 11 Mar 20
Extremely well done by Aaron...very informativeKen is filled with upbeat energy which is very captivating
Jim Schneider
Jim S.
15:27 11 Mar 20
Went to veterans training with Aaron McCoy and it was very informative and made a confusing subject much clearer.
Todd Shield
Todd S.
20:36 05 Mar 20
Attended the 2020 Gordon Marketing Life Expo. What a great team of people! They offer over 200 products available for their producers!
Rick Braun
Rick B.
20:34 05 Mar 20
Gordon Marketing always makes their agents feel like family. This is one amazing company that truly takes care of their agents and their trips are fantastic too. Great time at the Life & Annuity expo today!
MedicareBy Marie
MedicareBy M.
16:54 05 Mar 20
Gordon Marketing is one of the most engaged and energized FMO/IMO/NMAs around!! Their hosted events, trainings, bootcamps are excellent. Not only are they jam packed with superior intel, they make you feel like family. Today was the 11th annual, yes ANNUAL Life & Annuity Expo. I had the chance to meet so many carrier reps, get lots of information and actually set up some sessions with them. Who else does things like this?!?! I highly recommend Gordon Marketing. I also met Leah Everhart from Texas, if you have the chance to work with her, DO!!!!
Adam Schitea
Adam S.
16:25 05 Mar 20
Great partners here at Gordon Marketing. Having a great experience at the Life & Annuity Expo!
Patrick Murray
Patrick M.
15:35 05 Mar 20
Great conference, great people!
Melanie Nemacheck
Melanie N.
15:30 05 Mar 20
I’ve worked with Gordon Marketing for a few years and have had nothing but positive results. I learn something every week, if not every day. They can help with any and all situations that arise.
Greg Saville
Greg S.
14:47 20 Jan 20
Great support and very responsive. I’ve already told a friend about them and he’s moved over based on my experience.
Kimberly Bradley Sander
Kimberly Bradley S.
04:29 10 Jan 20
This is an excellent company. The agents are very knowledgeable and They are there to help You. Their mission is to find the best Solution for your needs. I highly recommend them.
Erin Lacy-Hawkins
Erin L.
19:50 04 Jan 20
I’ve worked here for 12 years! It’s not just a job! It’s a career!
Cara Mia Mullinnix
Cara Mia M.
14:01 19 Dec 19
All-around a great experience being one of their newer agents! Highly recommend.
Melanie Kelly
Melanie K.
19:49 11 Oct 19
They do it the family way!
Tim Cassidy
Tim C.
19:54 10 Jul 19
Knowledgeable, friendly staff with great coverage.
Steve Craw
Steve C.
21:06 05 Jun 19
Several years ago I met the senior members of Gordon Marketing, marketers and staff and within 6 months moved ALL MY contracts with them. They have always answered every question and met every goal. My business clients, commissions and renewals are both prosperous and secure because of their honesty and integrity. My wife and I love them and consider them family. My marketer ROCKS, the woman of Gordon can’t be stopped and we are proud to be a part of this company and family.
Karen Bivens
Karen B.
19:17 21 May 19
Amazing group of staff to help with all of your marketing needs!
Oprah Vu
Oprah V.
19:03 07 Apr 19
nice people,, nice area, please
Nancy Schmitt
Nancy S.
22:11 09 Jan 19
They are so awesome with Information to make your business grow.
Becky Hulse
Becky H.
19:47 12 Dec 18
Awesome place to work and even more awesome for our agents!
Tessie Weber
Tessie W.
14:31 24 Aug 18
They are very friendly and down to earth people ..Very supportive and really you will be inspired to work with them ..with the guidance of our Almighty Lord Amen...
Jim Ritter
Jim R.
12:35 28 Apr 17
I attended my first educational event at the GM campus and was very impressed with the warm hospitality by all who I had the opportunity to meet. The conference speakers, materials and itinerary were excellent. I came away knowing I have a partner that is rock solid and capable. Thank you all - especially Sissy Clark and Nancy Schmitt.
Gary Nolley
Gary N.
15:48 04 Apr 17
Gordon has been terrific to work with. Whenever I have a large case that I need help with they are always great at helping find great solutions for my clients which in turn has helps me increase my income.Great partnership!
Jim Spalding
Jim S.
10:03 23 Aug 14
The most friendly and professional broker I've ever dealt with.
Kym S. Flannery
Kym S. F.
00:00 29 Mar 14
We've got you covered!

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“I can’t begin to tell you how much my Medicare business means to me, both personally and professionally. It really was the start of the success I’ve had in this business, back in that cramped conference room in the old office, and I owe it all to you and the training you provided to me as a brand new agent back in July 2005. I still remember that as my first experience with Gordon Marketing, including how long it took me to tell the difference between you and Rebecca! And I thought I would never comprehend the difference between a HMO and a PPO!!”

-Jay, IN

“I used to work with several FMOs and thought nothing of it but once I started putting more of my contracts in one place it really made my life easier. Not only do I now know all their key staff and they know me and how I work, but I’m not just a number anymore. Instead of doing a little here and there, now I consistently win their trips and that means a lot to my wife because she loves the comeraderie with the others and pushes me to win each year. I haven’t missed an AEP kick off in 6 years and I know I’m getting better support and more opportunities than I was before. I’m not captive, I can leave at anytime–but there is no place that has ever worked harder to earn my business.”

-Michael, OH

“Working with GM has made my life a lot easier. I don’t have any staff so I rely on them to be my back office and keep me on track. Sometimes I think they know me better than I know myself. I had 8 agents when I joined GM and now I have over 120. I copy GM in everything they do and that has helped me grow my SGA contract!”

-Albert, TX

“I’ve finally found a partner in Gordon Marketing. I’m a refugee from two captive FMOs who took my renewals when I left. GM helped me start over and now my agency is bigger than it ever was and I own it. They have been invaluable with their marketing support, lead systems, custom training classes around the state for my team…I’m home for good.”

-Tom, GA

“I toughed it out in the lean years and now I’m enjoying the career I aspired to. GM told me it would be hard for 3 years and it was, but it was invaluable to have a whole support team there to keep me going and to show me what obstacles to avoid.”

-Mona, LA

“They can’t make insurance less frustrating, but they sure do make it more fun. I really enjoy their training classes. The time just zips by and you won’t find more knowledgable instructors.”

-Carolyn, NV

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