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Agents often tell us we are like family to them and that is a worthy goal. We love what we do, we are very grateful to the agents who work with us because they give us the ability to work with our family every day.

Our father, Dick Gordon, was a captive, career life insurance agent in the 1970s. From his treatment in the field, dad designed a marketing company to support agents the way he was not being supported. Gordon Marketing began in the spare bedroom of our home. Dad soon convinced our mother, Margaret, to quit teaching school to work with him.

The husband-wife team built one of the nation’s largest marketing companies with a dream and hard work–and based on the principle that if you take care of the client first, you will be successful.

Frank Gordon, Theresa Gordon Landers, Rebecca Gordon and finally, Sylvia Gordon all came to work for the company. Sylvia’s son Elliot began as an independent agent in 2016 and many other grandchildren are in the wings.

An old-fashioned family atmosphere combined with years of sales experience, make Gordon Marketing truly unique.

We are a throw back to olden days of family businesses

Sylvia and Rebecca, both conduct over 50 training classes each year, around the nation. We make a point of meeting and, hopefully training, everyone that works with us. You won’t find another FMO office that trains as much as we do, in the field, face to face and on the internet.

First and foremost we are a family. That influences everything we do. We give preferential hiring to members of families too. We want to treat agents the way we want to be treated. We answer the phones, no automated system. We sell, we don’t just read you a power point slide. We sell, so we can train from the agent’s perspective. 

Everything stems from our dad’s (mis)treatment as a captive agent.

All the money he left on the table because he could only sell a few products–has made us keep expanding our portfolio to include the products agents are asked to sell. If your client likes you and wants to get all their insurance needs from one agent, we want to be able to supply you with all those products so you don’t have to find 5 FMOs to put together a competitive portfolio of life, health, Medicare, dental, cancer, short term, Obamacare, LTC and on and on.

It is such a pleasure to see our parents, siblings, sisters and brother’s in law everyday, not just a few weeks a year. Gordon Marketing is a great place to work and we are lucky that agents around the nation choose to work with us.