I get so many touching stories of insurance agents going above and beyond to help their clients that neglect to pass along the good news. Let’s face it, bad news sells…but good news makes us all proud of our profession:

One agent went to a client’s home whose electricity had been shut off. He worked with relief organizations to get it back on and to get the client assistance going forward!

One agent noticed that her client seems a little foggy.  She asked if she could help herself to some milk for her coffee as an excuse to look in her client’s refrigerator.  Sure enough, she saw it was almost bare except the milk which was long, long expired.  She asked if she could contact one of her client’s kids to alert him to the situation.

Another agent was called by an couple in their late 80s.  When he got there he found them very hard of hearing and it was almost impossible for them to follow his presentation.  Rather than give up, he spent THREE HOURS writing and passing the tablet back and forth until he was absolutely certain the clients understood and wanted the plans they picked out.

One agent extended her client’s life by many years by noticing that her client had dozens of cans of soup on her counter.  In the course of the presentation, the client explained that her doctor diagnosed her with congestive heart failure but they couldn’t determine the cause. You guessed it, it turned out to be the high sodium diet the client was on!  Good catch, insurance agent.

Agents really do become lay-medical professionals as we learn so much for our clients and then pass the information along.  An agent received a thank you from a client last year because the agent had pulled the client aside and expressed that she suspected her husband had Alzheimer’s and that she should talk to her doctor about it.  She did and he was put on a drug to slow it’s progression. The client was very, very grateful because she said she was too close to notice or was in denial until her agent spoke up.

being a good person

Of course, we all have stumbled upon Medicare beneficiaries who are completely lost in the system and unaware that they have options for supplemental coverage and are in pure elation when they realize they can qualify for coverage that will reduce their out of pocket costs.  I had a client who only had original Medicare who needed a heart transplant.  He called me during AEP and I was able to get him into a PPO while he was in the hospital awaiting the transplant!

Share your stories with me at sgordon@gordonmarketing.com and on behalf of the millions of Seniors that we as an industry serve, THANK YOU for all you do!