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All members must agree to the Statement of Standards to be eligible:

  • I BELIEVE in caring for one another.

  • I BELIEVE in keeping my body clean and healthy with proper nutrition.
  • I BELIEVE that excessive alcohol consumption, as well as the use of tobacco or illicit drugs, is harmful to the body and soul.
  • I BELIEVE sexual relations outside the bond of marriage is contrary to the teachings of the Bible and that marriage should be held in honor.
  • I BELIEVE abortion is wrong, except in a life-threatening situation to the mother.
  • I BELIEVE it is my obligation to care of my family, and that physical, mental, or emotional abuse of any kind to a family member, or to anyone else, is morally wrong.

NOTE: Some individuals may not be eligible or have a membership limitation due to certain past or present medical conditions.


Pre-Existing Conditions

An illness or medical condition for which you have received medical advice or treatment at any time during the ten-year look back period preceding your membership effective date that would result in a 2 year, 5 year or lifetime limitation


Click Here for Limitations

Members now have access to a healthcare concierge service to assist them in finding a provider. They can contact Member Services at 833-3ALTRUA (833-325-8782) to reach the healthcare concierge and find a provider that is the right fit for them. Members should continue to communicate to their provider(s) that they are a self-pay patient.  


Member Services (833) 325-8782

IMR Services (512) 535-4237

Member Questions:

Document Submission:

LifeWorks Perks
(833) 325-8782

Timely Filing

  • You or your provider must submit requests for sharing no more than 6 months after the date you received service
  • Requested documentation you or your provider submit for sharing more than 6 months after the date it was requested (Needs Processing Form, medical records, etc.) will not be eligible for sharing

Failure to submit below Commitment forms will result in needs not being shared.

This form is required at submission and calendar year renewal for the primary and all dependents under 18 years of age.

This form is required at submission and calendar year renewal for each spouse and dependent over 18 years of age.


  • Altrua Ministries Donation: $25 (non-refundable)
  • $100 Application Fee


  • Annual Renewal Fee: $100 per family (non-refundable) Due in January of each Policy year
  • The $25 donation is optional on renewal

A missed monthly contribution will result in that month’s eligible needs not being shared. 

An inactive membership can be reinstated when past-due contributions are made within 60 days. After that, a new application and underwriting will be required.

Help Altrua Build Their Network –  If there is a provider that a member wants to go to, but is not listed, click HERE TO GO ONLINE and request them and Altrua will contact them directly to try and contract with them.

Part 1: Healthshare Ministry Basics

Part 2: How It Works

Part 3: Membership Enrollment