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Fact Finder Option #1

This is a comprehensive fact finder.

Fact Finder Option #2

This is a less comprehensive fact finder.  Black & white and more of a data gathering form than a conversation form.

Fact Finder Option #3 CD

This is another version of a fact finder you can choose.  Clayton in our office designed this one.  This includes policy review paperwork.

Pre-Sale Worksheet

Use this form to assist you in selecting the right product.

Policy Review Form

Use this form when you come across a client or prospect that already owns an annuity. This form will help you determine if you can find them a product more suitable than their existing one.

Non-Conservation Form

Use this form when you are replacing an existing financial product and the existing custodian is trying to talk your client out of your sale.

Authorization Form

Use this form when you need to have financial information released to a custodian.


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