Gordon Marketing wouldn’t offer dental plans for 25 years because we felt that they were not a very good proposition for the client. That all changed when Medico approached us. Medico was the only carrier that didn’t have a dental network.  And with that one fact, we were interested. Why is no network so important? Because dentists only sign up for networks when they are trying to build their business. Once they are established and have a large clientele, they are no longer willing to suffer the deep discounts that network contracts require. Clients who have been using the same dentist for years, are often unlikely to switch to save a few bucks. When the sands of the networks are constantly changing, clients are mad at their agent and agents are mad at their FMO.

No Network Is King. Clients can go to any doctor in the nation–which is a big lure with clients on Medicare, many of whom travel frequently. The last call you want to hear is from a long-time client who is on vacation in Florida, needs a new crown and finds out that the insurance he has been paying on for years won’t cover him. I am an agent and I’m always a good test guinea pig for Gordon Marketing. If it works for me, it will work for you. My sales pitch for dental insurance is this simple.

“What would you like to do for your dental?”

50% of people say, “Oh yes, I need that too.”

It really, really is that simple. A new agent I’m training sold 6 plans the first month using this very simple phrase. He was even more excited when he heard that Medico has a Cash Bonus Program for AEP that began on September 1st so agents will earn money for every application during AEP! Gordon Marketing is making it even sweeter. Sell 25 Dental Plans and 10 Hospital Indemnity Plans to win a trip for 2 to Costa Rica with us next May!