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We own 2 condos in Florida that we allow agents to use. All you pay for is the cleaning fee ($325 – $375). Stays can last up to 5 days. This is a great opportunity for you to run a sales contest for your agency to spark production!

For agents only. You must go through your marketer to set up the use of the condo. Once approved, our condo coordinator will contact you building details.

  • Exclusive gated community

  • 15 minutes from Ft. Myers Beach and Sanibel Island

  • Fully stocked with kitchen utensils

  • Lovely decor, on ground level

Each set of buildings has its own private pool

The Island Club has a large pool, hot tub, outside cafe, computer room and gym. A fun place to go for the whole family.

Agents must be in good standing at the time of their trip. If you have an outstanding debt or unresolved chargeback, we reserve the right to cancel plans for uncooperative agents.

Each condo has occupancy limits. Please do not intent to exceed these limits by having people sleep on the couch and floor. This will only get us in trouble with the condo association. Repect the rules we have in place and you may be invited to use our wonderful condo again!

Sorry, no pets!

The king sized bed in one unit is a lovely, private suite.

The bunk room happily holds 4 kids at a time.

Lexington Country Club is an exclusive area.

All tattoos must be covered on the property and conservative attire is required to use our condos.

NO smoking is allowed in or around our condo. If you are a smoker and cannot smoke off property, please reconsider requesting the use of our condo.